We prefer you submit maintenance requests through your tenant portal. Please login to your portal and follow the prompts. If you do not yet have a login password for your portal, please get started below.


What is a maintenance emergency, appropriate for calling the contractor on call, at 540-505-0250, 24/7?

  • No heat and it is cold
  • Active sewage backup into the house
  • Unstoppable water leak or flooding
  • Gas leak (Call the gas company first)
  • Fire (Call 911 First)
  • Door or window broken out and you are not reasonably able to secure, (call police first if a crime)
  • Dangerous Electrical Situation

All other requests should be put in through your portal so they can be assigned and tracked. Requests are reviewed on business days. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for your request to be approved, assigned and scheduled.

To inquire about the status of a maintenance request already submitted, please email nrvmaintenance@gmail.com.